Click menu tutorials

Main features

  • Internet radio
  • Save radio music to Spotify
  • Spotify player
  • Share to Facebook
  • Amazing 3d audio experience

Less is more

In lieu of endless menus with thousands of radio stations, a premium selection of Scandinavian stations is available in traditional, but convenient preset button rows.

Any station is just one click away.

More is good also

The channel view presents relevant details. It’s not a complete program guide, just a no-nonsense list of past and present events.

Exactly what is needed for the next step.



Save What You Hear

Radio music may be “snapped off the air” and saved to Spotify!

As Spotify-friendly search strings are generated, just select and save the track. Music lovers are notorious collectors of favorite tracks, and this feature is nothing else if not practical.

Here is how to do it

  • Attention! Fine music is on the air.
  • Click the song info, or whatever found in the history list.
  • Spotify-friendly search strings are generated. (More info).
  • Select or edit one of them until findings are indicated.
  • A list of Spotify tracks is displayed.
  • Select and Save to Spotify YOUR MUSIC. Done.

Integrated Spotify player

Spotify playback is offered.

Whenever tired of radio, enjoy seamless playback of Spotify YOUR SONG / songs, or switch to the album from which the song was fetched for “further studies”.

Arbitrarily jump to and from Spotify and radio activities in a totally seamless fashion.

This player is not meant as a replacement of the original Spotify player, but it grants a super-quick access to the newly collected favorites. Included are basic playlist editing like track deletion, and it is possible to add new tracks when playing albums.

For more advanced music management and enjoyment, the original Spotify app is the (better) way of it.



Share one song, get two back

Music and radio-show details may be shared or messaged.

Music maniacs are generally found scouting on the fringe, one step ahead of the hit-list crowd. Or they’re deep down in the evergreen section. It becomes a passion as your “educational” playlists start to have ornamental effects on the reputation. Any creation holds a certain sonority, and somebody likes your particular taste and style.

Facebook Share and Message is thus integrated. The entourage will probably receive what they hope for in immediate releases.


Embrace yourself with the good life while enjoying any of the premium radio channels, the superlossless soundstages, operated from the elegant and KISS user space