HUAWEI Matebook X Pro i7 audio distortion problem

This webpage is deliberately kept out of the eyes of search engines. It addresses Huawei only. Be sure to watch the short video linked below. (I was unable to embed it due to problems with WordPress today).


While it can be observed and heard that this (otherwise mostly great) laptop has been subject to a serious attempt to create superior audio quality, compared to a market mean, the device is subject to mechanical vibration to the extent that most of the fun is gone. At the given “upper end” price level, this distortion is indeed of a questionable nature.Secondly, there is also a lack of “deep” bass with the effect that basslines in music as well as the keynote of dark males voices simply are not “there”. Using third party eq, one observes there is indeed a headroom potential in the power amplifier for more output in the bass frequency range. There is also a broad peak above 1000Hz which can be good for speech, but that, albeit, sounds artificial.

Suggested action

Suggested action in an immediately revised version:1. Make sure mechanical vibrations are removed via proper dampening in the cabinet interior, in particular for the “shallow” space between the upper part of the cabinet and the battery, i.e. on both sides of the touchpad. This “free space” should have been used to extend the size of the bass cabinet, thus granting deeper bass.2. Redo completely the eq with the aim of achieving a significantly flatter frequency response, with more output at lower frequencies, and without artificial, peaking midrange.More generally, there exists a long list of possible improvements, for example thanks to, to be saluted. One major issue is that a priority on battery life has resulted in a lack of Intel i7 performance, the main reason for my purchase and therefore a disappointment. Some sort of “turbo boost” is much wanted for heavier CPU tasks like videoediting, compilation of software, etc.


My measurements of distortion. Anything about a few % is very audible, but here we are peaking at some 20%. This is all related to the mentioned mechanical vibration of the cabinet and is severe!

My measurements of frequency response at 10cm distance. Note the lack of bass and the broad peak above 1000Hz. Both are unwanted.


Please watch this video demonstrating the severe distortion in the top lid of the cabinet, in particular on each side of the touchpad.

How to fix the audio distortion

Most of the distortion caused by mechanical vibration of the top lid of the cabinet, may be removed as shown in the following pictures. The rubber used is this:—mc/bilinterior/mobiltilbehor/antisklimatte-2000028596

This is a kind of sticky/tacky rubber that connects to any surface. With a little luck, its thickness proved identical to the height of the shallow/empty spaces between the top lid and the battery, machined out presumable to reduce weight. Dampening these two spaces removed (most of) the vibrations. Huawei should make this lid somewhat thicker.

Pictures should be self-explanatory:

The machined-out empty space on each side of the touchpad:

The rubber used is stretchty, soft and offers a dampening effect:

The empty space now filled with rubber:
Underneath the speaker cabinets, some strips of this same rubber (thinned a little). The screws are “loosely” mounted:


Voilá, the mechanical distortion is now almost inaudible. Problem is solved. However, there are still some vibrations that hits at higher frequencies, around the tweeters.

An offer!

I may offer to assist Huawei in identifying remedies for the said errors. I live a few kilometers from Huawei’s Norwegian headquarter and may be contacted on chj at hdsoundlab dot com, or +47 482 55 200. For example, if you have a “returned” sample of this product with a small screen-crack or similar, it could be used to investigate the mechanical distortion and make suggestions for a revised version.

For your information, I make or create

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I was also the inventor of FreePad, the “mother” of all iPad type of terminals. I started the whole pad market. As you will see in the pictures below, FreePad offered a supreme audio quality that since then has never been available in any pad or laptop. FreePad was produced in Taiwan and China, but was developed in Norway, albeit 10 years too early. It means I am able to assist in a tangible way with the problems outlined on this page, so as to make Matebook X perfect.